About Us



Our Potential

  • Ability to become Africa’s “quality niche” licensed re-sellers from Druids Garden of medicinal cannabis.
  • Provide a unique & differentiated product offering to retail stores
  • Capacity to grow to meet demand of South Africa

Our Philosophy

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

  • To offer the healing potential of traditional medicine as the root of wellness

Our Vision

  • To become a market influencer and supply IKS (Indigenous knowledge system) quality organic medicinal products, within the legal South Africa framework

Our Values

  • Tree of Life is a retail innovator, our core values, friendly service,  integrity and a harmonious work environment define our brand
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Excellent service and recommendations!! Super cool experiences. We went in and the vibe is very relaxing, the staff is super attentive and everything we asked we got great insights.

Larry D


I primarily use CBD for anxiety (capsules and tinctures) and for discomfort that comes from working out (topical products). This has worked really well for me.

Reshni R


I have had social anxiety since I was 16 years old and had been taking various medications for quite a few years now. I became very frustrated with the side effects of taking this type of medication so started looking into Cannabidiol CBD. I quit smoking a few years ago and vaping really helped. From all the medication I have been taking medication for years nothing has helped me quite as much as this product.

Suze V

Take a Look at Our Products

Take a Look at Our Products

Alternatives to pharmaceuticals
Our staff are extremely knowledgeable
Guaranteed – we believe in our products!
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