Main benefits:

  • Ashwagandha helps stress & anxiety
  • Relax and sleep better with valerian root
  • Raw cacao improves your mood
  • Red Kratom boosts relaxation
  • Red Kratom remedies insomnia
  • CBD flower relaxes & soothes

100% Organic


30 capsules extra (3 Month’s supply)¬†FOR RELAXATION AND CALMNESS – View Brochure


It’s normal to feel stressed sometimes. But long-term stress can cause physical and emotional symptoms that may become unhealthy.

If you feel overwhelmed by stress, our Zen formulation will help you feel relaxed and calm.

Developed with a special blend of quality natural ingredients, Zen is designed to bring you into a mental state of peace of mind being free from agitation, excitement, or disturbance without any unwanted side effects.

Additional information

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